New Bottle Unscrambler

With the high quality standard 304 stainless steel and non-toxic polution-free engineering plast manufacturing,our machine can used in the range of pharmaceutical,food ,beverage,cosmetics and chemical industrious.

Product Details

Main Features
1. Compact structure, concise appearance, easy operation.
2. High production efficiency, it can continuous send the bottle automatically, then turn over the bottle and exit the bottle.
3. Meet the automation demand, without manual send bottle.
4. Turn over the bottle of institutions and bottle length, match with the shape, ensure the continuous, rapid output.
5. Through sorting after the transportation institutions, flip institutions and unscramble.
bottle institutions, the bottles mouth up and entering to next working procedure orderly.

Technical Parameters

Production speed



AC220/50Hz  Power :0.2kw



Machine dimension



50-150 BPM

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