Features and uses of automatic filling machine

Features and uses of automatic filling machine

As far as we know, the technology of automatic filling machine continues to develop, but the automatic filling machine has gradually penetrated into people's daily life. The automatic filling machine can work stably and has high work efficiency. It is undoubtedly a good helper for the packaging industry. Let's take a look at the characteristics and usage of the automatic filling machine.

Features and uses of automatic filling machine:
1. The automatic filling machine is suitable for quantitative filling of liquids of different bottle types, such as: glass bottles of wine, beverages, seasonings, liquid medicines and other liquids without carbon dioxide gas. Fully automatic liquid quantitative filling machine adopts measuring cup type quantitative method for filling, with high quantitative accuracy.
2. The liquid level control mechanism of the storage tank is a floating ball type, with a simple structure and reliable work.
3. All parts in contact with the liquid being filled are made of stainless steel to ensure that the liquid being filled is not contaminated and meets food hygiene standards.
4. The middle pillar is adjustable, which can satisfy the filling of bottles with a height of 160-320 mm without replacing parts.
5. Replace some parts, which can be adapted to the filling of Ф60-100mm diameter bottles.
6. The automatic filling machine is equipped with simultaneous adjustment of the filling volume and a single fine adjustment device, which can be adjusted arbitrarily within 100-750 ml to ensure the quantitative value. The adjustment is simple, fast and accurate.
7. The full-automatic filling machine adopts a rolling soft support mechanism, the bottle is soft, the guide rail is less worn, the bottle is not in place, and the filling head will not be broken or damaged.
8. There are screw rods and clutch protection devices at the bottle entry and exit wheel. When a bottle jam occurs, it will automatically stop to ensure production safety.

The above is an introduction to the relevant knowledge of the automatic filling machine. The automatic filling machine can accurately fill non-gas beverages such as white wine, colored wine, fruit juice, tea drinks, mineral water, etc., and can also fill liquids such as vinegar, milk, pesticides, etc. The automatic filling machine is widely used in various automatic filling lines of wine, food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry, reagent, pesticide and so on.


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