Stand Up Pouch Packing Machine

This set of pouch packing machine is matched with measuring cup weighing device.

Product Details

Application of doypack machine:

This set of pouch packing machine is matched with measuring cup weighing device. It is mainly used for volume measurement for granular and powdery materials such as washing powder, seasoning, coffee, milk powder, Hookah tobacoo , etc


Feature of plastic bag packing machine:

1. It adopts German Siemens PLC control and is equipped with a touch screen human-machine interface control system for easy operation.

2. Automatic detection function: If the bag is not opened or incomplete, the bag can be reused without feeding or heat sealing, saving production costs for users.

3. Safety device: When the working air pressure is abnormal or the heating tube is faulty, it will give an alarm.

4. The width of the bag is controlled by a motor. The width of each clamp can be adjusted by pressing the control button, which is easy to operate and saves time.

5. The parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel.


Technical Parameter of stand up pouch packaging machine:

Packaging bag materials: composite film, PP, PE, etc.

Packing bag type: stand-up bag, flat bag

Packing bag size W: 100-210mm L: 100-350mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Measurement range according to customer requirements

Packaging speed: 10-60 packs / minute (the speed is determined by the material itself and the filling weight)

Voltage 380V three Phase 50HZ

Total power 4.5KW

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