Spout Pouch Filling And Capping Machine

Spout Pouch Filling And Capping Machine

This type of filling equipment has been deeply transformed and innovatively upgraded with reference to advanced filling machine technology at home and abroad.
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Product Details


The semi-automatic filling machine is the latest paste and liquid filling equipment developed by our company. This type of filling equipment has been deeply transformed and innovatively upgraded with reference to advanced filling machine technology at home and abroad.The design is lightweight and convenient. The spout pouch packing machine uses pneumatic parts (cylinders) and piston-type push-pull rod mechanism. Because the inner cavity can be formed in the material tank during work, the material can be sucked by negative pressure, so it can fill viscous and poorly flowable materials.


working principle:

This stand up pouch filler and sealer adopts a piston type push-pull rod structure. During operation, the main cylinder generates a strong push-pull force to drive the piston head. When the main cylinder pulls the piston head back, the inlet valve is opened and the outlet valve is closed. Pressure difference, the material will be sucked into the material tank. This is the suction stroke. After the suction stroke is completed, the main cylinder will push the piston head outward. At this time, the inlet valve is closed and the outlet valve is opened. The piston head is pushed out of the cylinder and filled into the container through the discharge port. This is the filling stroke.


The entire filling process includes:

1 hopper feeding;

2 air exhaust;

3 tank suction

4filling and discharging


Product Features:

1. Control components and actuators (cylinders) are all components of the brand (German FESTO / Taiwan AIRTAC / Domestic SNS), and the material contact part is 316L or 304 stainless steel, which meets GMP requirements.


2. The whole plastic bag packaging machine uses compressed air as the power source, and there is no collision and hard friction when the machine is operating, so it is suitable for use in places where explosion-proof requirements are required, with high safety.


3. fixed volume metering and piston push-pull rod structure, high filling accuracy and small error (error ± 0.3%)


4.Filling volume can be adjustment by handle; filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily; filling accuracy is high.


5. The filling head adopts a cylinder valve or a mechanical valve. The filling head is designed with an anti-drip plug to prevent the filling head from drawing and dripping.


6. Each component is connected by a clamp, which facilitates component disassembly, cleaning, maintenance, and assembly.


7. mechanical setting (manual) gear and (automatic) gear. (Manual) filling is controlled by foot switch, (automatic) is mechanical continuous filling

Technical Parameters

TypeFilling range

Ideal Filling 


Filling accuracy

Capacity (per/min)






   Air source





±5 ‰








50~500ml 1.76~8.82oz±5 ‰18-30
YQSP-50050~500ml 1.76~17.64oz100~500ml 3.53~17.64oz±5 ‰15-22
YQSP-1000100~1000ml 3.53~35.27oz200~1000ml 7.05~35.27oz±5 ‰10-18
YQSP-2000200~2000ml 7.05~70.55oz400~2000ml 14.11~70.55oz±5 ‰7-13
500~5000ml 17.64~176.37oz1000~5000ml 35.27~176.37oz±5 ‰5-8