How Does The Powder Packaging Machine Work?

- Jul 13, 2019-

A, powder packaging machine is a combination of machine, electricity, light, instrument, single-chip control, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error and other functions

B, fast speed: using spiral cutting, light control technology

C, high precision: using stepper motor and electronic weighing technology

D. Wide packaging range: The same quantitative packaging machine can be adjusted continuously through the electronic scale keyboard and the replacement of different specifications of the feeding spiral within 5-5000g.

E. Wide application range: powdery or granular materials with certain fluidity

F, suitable for bag, cans, bottles and other packaging containers powder quantitative packaging

G. The error caused by the change of material specific gravity and material level can be automatically tracked and corrected.

H, photoelectric switch control, only need manual bagging, the bag mouth is clean, easy to seal

I. The contact parts with materials are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and prevent cross-contamination.

J, configurable feeding device, more convenient for users