Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

This heat shrink packing machine can be equipped with double tray feeding, which can save material changing time and ensure smooth production.

Product Details

I. Overview of shrink sleever:

This sleeve label applicator machine is suitable for a variety of containers, bottles, cans, various shapes and materials of shrink film packaging (such as: food, beverages, cleaning supplies, pharmaceuticals, wine bottles and other plastic bottles, glass bottles, PVC, PET, iron cans Etc.) Multi-bottle type selection: It can meet the requirements of round bottles, square bottles, oval bottles, flat bottles, curved bottles, cups, etc. The forced direct nesting method is accurate and fast. Can use a variety of 0.035mm thickness shrink film, save a lot of raw material costs. The temperature of the hot air shrinking furnace is uniform and stable, and the shrinking effect is outstanding.


1. label sleeving machine can be fully connected to the production line and can also be operated by a single machine.

2. This heat shrink packing machine can be equipped with double tray feeding, which can save material changing time and ensure smooth production.

3. Adjustable feeding high-speed electric eye, accurately lock the label position

4.Single positioning center guide column, stable label guide, fast replacement of different products

5. Synchronous bottle separator design, bottle conveying is not easy to shake

6.Adjustable cutter head, the cutting mark is smoother, reducing the imagination of defects, it is easier to replace the blade

7. Conveyor belt, bottle splitting screw and bottle synchronization are adjustable to ensure stable and high-speed sleeve labeling

8, advanced control system, touch screen design with auxiliary buttons, more in line with humanity

9, all use Schneider brand products, high stability and trustworthy


YQSL-150/250 Features of sleeve labeling machine:

  1. Full cover type 304 stainless steel

  2. host: waterproof

  3. Adjustable cutter head: rotary cutting, double-sided blade, long life;

  4. Label feeding, dual-drive label feeding

  5. Double positioning type center guide post: label guide is more stable;

  6. Synchronous bottle seperator: bottle transportation is more stable;

  7. Label brushing group: the accuracy of sleeve labeling is high;

  8. Tag control electric eye frame: original tail wing combined with electric eye to improve film material cutting accuracy;

  9. Push-button control box: operation is more humane;

  10. Feeding rack: freely select the position of the rack


Main technical parameters of shrink sleeve label machine :


1.  Host machine; AC220V, 50 HZ, 3KW, single-phase

2.  Production speed: 150,000 b/h as 100mm label(The speed can be adjusted according to your requirement)

The standard length of label is 300mm and the speed can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements. The speed will be faster if the label is shorter.

4.  Diameter of bottle body : ∮20mm-∮100mm(can be customized according to customer’s requirement)

5.  Length of label: 100mm

6.  Thickness of label: 0.045mm

7.  Material of label:PVC、 PET、 OPS

小瓶套标机 sleeve labeling (9)

Model: YQ-H1500

Host size: 1500mm (length) × 500mm (width) × 600mm (height)

Body and weight: Stainless steel or lacquered body, 200KGS (slight value)

Power: AC 3-PHASE 380V,15kw

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