Automatic Pagination Labeling Machine

The automatic pagination labeling machine is specially designed for all kinds of card,petbag labeling on the surface of various plastic sheets.

Product Details

The automatic pagination labeling machine is specially designed for all kinds of card,petbag labeling on the surface of various plastic sheets. It has high precision and no bubbles in the film. It has automatic product recognition function and automatically enables different labeling heads according to different products. Can be used with a variety of packaging lines.
This machine adpot advanced sorting-reversal type sorting machine, the card sorting efficiency is much higher than the general paging mechanism on the market; in the sorting machine, the worm and worm wheel are used to adjust the height of the reverse wheel (to adapt to different thickness products). ), the worm and worm gear runs smoothly, the noise is low, the vibration is small, and the reverse rotation is prevented. The large speed ratio can be used to divide the stroke of the steering wheel up and down to be finer, thereby adjusting to the required height more quickly and reducing the time required for adjusting the machine. At the same time, the top roller is pressed to press the workpiece to ensure stable and unobstructed conveying, and the labeling accuracy is more stable.


Main Features

1.Adopt imported electromagnetic clutch with best accuracy.
2. The machine shell adopts high class aluminum alloy anodic treatment, with long life span service.
3. Adopt famous factory electric motor to ensure high load and long period operation.
4. All parts and standard components are carefully made of stainless steel.
5. With PLC control panel, liquid crystal display, the operation is simple and convenient, the function is stable.
6. Imported label inspection optical coupler can ensure high precision.

Technical Parameters



Conveyor speed

≤40 (m/min)

Label Specification

adhesive sticker,transparent or opaque label(can be customized)

Application of label

Height 20-70mm   Length 25-120mm (can be customized)

Inner diameter of label roll


Outer diameter of label roll


Power of motor (w)


Power supply

AC220V 50/60HZ Single phase

Dimension (mm)

2200 (L)  900 (W)  1600 (H) mm

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