The cartoning machine features more in line with production requirements

- Jun 19, 2019-

Multi-functional automatic cartoning machine Mainly used for automatic cartoning of cosmetics, chemicals, food and medicine, lighting and other similar items. It can realize multi-standard box adjustment within the specified range and does not need to replace parts. This equipment can be connected with labeling machine, glue dispenser, back-end packaging production and other equipment, and the utilization rate has been improved.

This type of cartoner locks the product in the form of a tongue lock. Since the tongue mechanism is a cam mechanism, the tongue cam adopting the simple harmonic motion law has a certain degree of flexible impact in the work, which leads to unstable operation of the mechanism, resulting in an increase in the unqualified rate of the packaged product and a reduction in the production efficiency of the enterprise. The improved tongue cam adopts the 7th degree polynomial motion law, which eliminates the sudden change of the acceleration of the follower at the first and last points of the push back stroke, thereby eliminating the impact phenomenon in the product packaging process, and its dynamic characteristics are more in line with the production requirements.

The working principle of the cartoning machine: the medicine conveyor belt transports the medicine to the cartoning station, and at the same time, the manual folding and conveying mechanism folds the manual to the specified folding number and delivers it to the cartoning station. The carton tray is sucked and unfolded, and then the carton tray transports the carton to the cartoning station.

The pusher then pushes the drug and instructions into the kit. After that, the tongue folding process is completed by the tongue folding mechanism, and the corresponding mechanism is used to eliminate the waste. The final product is packaged and delivered to the warehouse.