Develop a good liquid filling machine habit

- Jun 23, 2019-

The safety of liquid filling machines is more reflected in the details, and the details determine the success or failure is universal. A small component also plays a key role in the overall quality level of the liquid filling machine, which is also reflected in the packaging machinery manufacturing industry. First of all, electricity is the basis of the operation of the machine, it must be used in accordance with the power and gas source specified by the liquid filling machine. In the usual time to remove and wash the liquid filling machine, it must be carried out under the condition of cutting off the power supply and the air source, and develop good operating habits to avoid unnecessary safety accidents. Secondly, some parts of the liquid filling machine where the material is liquid are the power system, which is strictly prohibited from contacting the water source. For example, the latter part of the liquid filling machine is equipped with electrical control components. Therefore, do not flush the fuselage directly with water, no matter what the situation, damage the device is small, once it is difficult to recover the personal injury is too much. In addition, in order to prevent electric shock, the machine itself must be well grounded, and a grounded power outlet is the basis for the safe use of liquid filling machines.