Cartoning machine technology is widely used

- Jun 16, 2019-

Use automatic vacuum cartoning machine, artificial feeding conveyor, chain mechanical operation, automatic feeding, automatic operation to hear, spray adhesive. The carton is stacked on the box bracket, the vacuum pumping cylinder is extended, and the box at the bottom of the carton is absorbed to the surface of the rail; the chain runs forward, and the rail bracket rod will gradually fold the facet, chain, and put a rotatable Mechanical movement. The export laterally pushes the item from the vertical packaging machine, the conveyor and the moving state to the box automatically. In the operation of the injection, the small folding carton operated by both sides is gradually and compacted, and the hot melt adhesive is solidified. The operation of the stencil automatically prints the date, clear font, environmental protection, saving nearly 10,000 yuan of printing consumables in one month, and output packaging to form a carton package.

The automatic cartoning machine is a high-tech product integrating machine, electricity, gas and light. It has a wide range of applications, mainly for medicine, food, cosmetics, hardware appliances, entertainment, tissue packaging, and similar items such as automatic folding of boxes, opening box instructions, items, boxes, printing batches, sealed boxes, etc. Wait. This machine can be used alone or in combination with other equipment and to form a complete production line. Such as aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, aluminum, aluminum blister packaging machine, pillow packaging unit is a complete production line. At present, this technology is widely used, and the automatic cartoning machine box is greatly improved.