Although China's cartoning machinery has achieved great development

- Jun 17, 2019-

After a nationwide survey, China's cartoning machinery has achieved great development. However, compared with foreign countries, there are still many gaps in terms of satisfying the production needs of enterprises. To analyze the problems and improvement methods of the lower box machinery.

First, China's cartoning machine is currently a common problem:

(1) Equipment requires the integration of manufacturers at the front and rear ends, and the connection increases the difficulty of the work.

(2) Due to the small workshop production, fitting equipment, parts are not interchangeable, it is difficult to purchase accessories;

(3) The structure is unreasonable, the parts processing is not standard, and the assembly is not in place. Improper commissioning, unstable operation, not reaching the predetermined production capacity;

(4) The packaging of the box is complex, and it is difficult to adapt the box;

(5) The quality of the carton is not up to standard, resulting in packaging difficulties;

Second, the improvement method:

(1) Improve the models and gradually classify them into standard machines;

(2) Forming large-scale production, using tooling, molds, and inspection tools to create industrialization;

(3) Increase investment in scientific research and develop the integration of the packaging machine;

(4) The pharmaceutical factory cannot reduce the consumption by paper cost alone, and should improve the efficiency from the speed, and adopt the paper that meets the requirements to ensure the efficiency of speed;

(5) To improve the standardized design of pharmaceutical companies, the state should introduce relevant standards.