Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Our automatic liquid filling machine are suitable for almost any liquids even viscous liquids containing particles.

Product Details

Our automatic liquid filling machine are suitable for almost any liquids even viscous liquids containing particles. We offer widely of fillers for various industries from beverage ,daily chemical and food production .In addition, our automatic filler provide you different filling machine from inline filling machine ,muti-headed filling machiner to vial filling capping machine,when it comes to your liquid filling needs ,YQ machinery will help you pick up the best equipment system for your business. We will customizes each modle with the right combination of contact parts for filling your products, and the right number of filling nozzles to meet your production requires and budget. 


Main Features
1. Control system - with Mitsubishi PLC control system, filling dose of random tuning.
2. Feature Enhancements - Cutting with anti-drip device, it can dive to fill with materials. (This feature can be optional)  
3. Electrical components–using internationally renowned brands to ensure the equipment is reliable and of high accuracy.
4. Mechanical components - the main parts is made of high quality stainless steel frame.
5. Extensions - can be customized for specific configuration requirements, such as: material sealed, heating, sterilization, etc.
6. Count testing - real-time count, reflecting on the work output directly.
7. Filling And Capping Detection-No bottle, No filling and capping; or when bottle filling number is not enough, no filling.

Technical Parameters

Production capacity

30~50 bottles/min

Filling Capping rate


Screwing rate




Power supply


Single phase Air supply




Net Weight


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