Gallon Bottle Filling Machine

The automatic weighing filling machine is used in oils, paints, curing agents, organic solvents, cleaners, thinners, resins, polyurethanes, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, flavorings, edible oils and a variety of low viscosity liquids or mobile liquids.

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Application area for this automatic weighing filling machine is Oils, paints, curing agents , organic solvents, cleaning agents, thinners, resins, polyurethanes, medicines, lubricants, flavors, edible oils and various low-viscosity liquid or mobile liquid.

Features of gallon bottle filling machine:

1. This automatic weighing and filling system is manufactured with PLC programmable controller, safe and reliable.

2.The filling head and the inlet and outlet pipes use quick connectors, which are easy to take apart and wash.

3.Using three-stage automatic filling method—slow,quick and slow, which is high accuracy.

4.When the filling head is not inserted into the container,the head is automatically lifted.Or when touching the mouth of the container,the head will alos lift.

5.When the filling target value is reached, the filling head is automatically closed and raised.

6. Two filling methods of net weight and gross weight are free to choose.

7.Filling target volume can be set freely, and 20 sets of recipes can be stored, which is convenient for filling with various weights.

8. The operation is simple and easy to learn, one-key filling, and there is a manual operation mode, the chain automatically controls the feeding system to ensure safety.

9.Automatically judge the range of tare weight and the function of no jug/bottle and no filling.

gallon jug filling machine (13)   gallon jug filling machine (14)

gallon jug filling machine (15)   gallon jug filling machine (17)

Technical parameter:

Overall dimensionsof the main machineL2000mm*W1100mm*H2100mm (two meters in front and two meters in back, total 6 meters)
Diameter of bottle mouth≥15mm (bottles with diameter less than 18mm can be customized)

Specification of filling container

Height: 50mm-400mm; 

Diameter: 50mm-200mm (shaped bottles can also be used)

Power supply220v; 50/60hz (can be customized)
Total power1.5kw
Maximum filling volume at one time5L
Filling error≤±0.5%
Air source required0.6Mpa clean and dry air source

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