Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Thermal Transfer Overprinters is a cost-effective intelligent coding machine, which is mainly applicable to various flexible packaging labeling solutions such as food, pharmaceuticals, and daily chemicals and so on.
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Product Details

Applications of thermal transfer printers:

1) Intermittent package machines

2) Labeling machine


Advantage of thermal transfer printer

Bless your brand: 300DPI printing effect, improve the appearance of your product, and make your corporate brand stand out from your peers.


Blessing your benefits: real-time date, time and batch number can be printed; switching print content without obstacles; longest 600 meters long ribbon, reducing the frequency of changing belts; humanized human-machine interface, simple operation; intuitive and easy to learn editing software . Optimize your production line control and reduce costs.


Protect your property: use 32mm and 53mm print head widths, 22, 25, 30, 33, 35, 55mm and other ribbons with different width specifications, through reasonable configuration to meet various coding requirements; ribbon printing gap Only 0.5mm; high-definition, high-adhesion coding effect to avoid being complained. Comprehensive reduction of various direct and indirect costs.


Protect your channels: print variable barcodes and QR codes, and implement product traceability through the full-flow distribution software system to prevent channeling and counterfeit goods and protect the sales channels.

packing list:

1. Controller Box
2. Cassette Assembly
3. Printer Uni t
4. Air Pressure Regulator
5. Air Pressure Meter
6. Intermediate Relay
7.Cleaning Wipe
8. Ribbon Sample

9. Air Pipe
10. Proximity Sensor
11. Encoder (optional )
12. Rubber Pad (optional)
13. I/O Cable
14. Drive Cable
15. Power Cable(with plug)
16.Power Cable (no plug)

Technical parameter:

Print   Head

32/53mm,   300DPI

Print   Area

Intermittent-32mm*60mm;   Intermittent-53mm*80mm


Ribbon   Size

W-33MM,   L-500M(Max.) for 32 model;W-55MM, L-650M(Max.)for 53 model

Print   Frequency

Intermittent:up   to 450PPM

Continuous:up   to 200PPM


AC110~220V,   50/60Hz, Intermittent: 100W, Continuous:150W

Environmental   Operating Temperature


Relative   Humidity

 10%~95%   ( no condensing)

Air   Supply 

 6bar/90PSI(MAX)   dry uncontaminated


 print   head:8.5kg, control box:2.0kg for 32model;print head:8.5kg, control box:2.0kg   for 53model


Print   Head 188mm*190mm*180mm(L*W*H) for 32 model;

Print   Head 210mm*210mm*185mm(L*W*H) for 53 model

Control   Box 175mm*235mm*110mm(L*W*H) for 32/53 model